Guess what? It's Digital Scrapbooking Day (DSD) weekend... and A LOT of fun is headed your way over the next few days! You're not going to want to miss ONE BIT of it! Here is a quick roundup of everything you need to know about this weekend's events, sales, extra-special deals, and freebies... so that you don't miss out on anything that Wishing Well Creations by Laura Passage has to offer!

See below for a detailed account of each of these fun happenings...


It's back! much sought-after "Create Your Own Grab Bag" deal, which only becomes available in my shop once or twice a year (during NSD/DSD weekends).

Choose what you want, and get it at a great discount. For 5 DAYS ONLY (Sept 29--Oct 3, 2016)... and it's available in two sizes (LARGE and small)!



We have so many exciting things planned at The Digital Press during DSD weekend (Sept 30--Oct 2)! We hope you will stop by the site this weekend to check it all out...


Not only will you find all of the challenges shown above in the forum at TDP throughout the weekend... but there are also some super-fun Forum Games (things that take just 2-3 minutes to complete), and the ever-popular CHOOSE YOUR OWN PRIZES thread is currently open and hoppng! Come check it out!

Additionally... when you spend $20+ in a single transaction at The Digital Press between Sept 30--Oct 2, you'll get a FREE COLLAB KIT OF YOUR CHOICE! Yep, you read that correctly... you get to choose your own free-gift-with-purchase! You can't beat that deal...

Spend $20 -- Get a FREE shop collab of your choice!

Definitely make plans to join us at The Digital Press between Sept 29--Oct 2! You won't be disappointed.




I've also got all sorts of awesome stuff going on at SugarHillco for DSD weekend, as well... beginning with the exciting news that we're kicking off a 3-day store-wide 60% OFF SALE on Saturday 10/1 (the sale will run from 10/1--10/3, ending at 11:59pm ET on Monday)!

I have a commercial use (CU) version of the "Create Your Own Grab Bag" deals, for those of you who love the idea of picking-and-choosing your items to create your own bundle...

Get 8 products for $10 --OR-- 20 products for $20!


Additionally, I'm once again offering my bi-annual "Mega Bundle" deals (get every pattern set OR every texture set in my shop for one ridiculously-low price!)...

Buy ALL THE PATTERNS and/or ALL THE TEXTURES for one ridiculously-low price!


And finally... we kicked off our annual Commercial-Use Blog Train today in celebration of Digital Scrapbooking Day (DSD). WAHOO! Here's a look at my Commercial-Use-friendly FREEBIE...


This commercial use (CU) sampler comes with a license for commercial and/or personal use (more about my Terms of Use can be found here). Included you will find six (6) 12"x12" krafty cardstock texture overlays in .JPG format. This full CU set will be offered for FREE through the end of this weekend's sale (download will expire on Monday 10/3 at 11:59pm ET when the SHCO sale ends). After that, it will be loaded into my shop at SugarHillco, where it will be available for purchase.

If you're following our CU Blog Hop from start to finish, then you likely arrived here from Loucee Creations' web site, and your next stop will be at Krystal Hartley's web site. If you get lost along the way and need a guide, you can head back to the main post at the SugarHillco site from here, and catch back up to the stops you may have missed.




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That's it! A (not-entirely-brief) rundown of "Everything You Need to Know to Have a Great DSD, WWC-Style!" I hope you have a fantastic weekend, and if there's anything I can do for you during all of the excitement... please don't hesitate to drop me a note and let me know.

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